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OnTarget™ guides online retailers to continually improve online sales results by 40%-80% annually, while decreasing online marketing efforts by 20%.

There’s no shortage of e-commerce “experts” out there that presumably tell you the best color for your add-to-cart button, the best look and feel for your check-out process, and any number of other industry best-practices (with most of those practices taken from our books, a fact we’re rather proud of).

But where the rubber meets the road in e-commerce has more to do with the overall shopping experience than any particular set of conventions or best practices. And you could go through any number of expensive redesigns or time consuming tests without achieving any appreciable increase in online sales or revenue.

For real results, you need real insight

And real insight comes from understanding how your customers are really behaving online and why they’re doing the things they do. Specifically, on why they’re leaving your site without buying.

Here’s how OnTarget™ can give you the edge in understanding the who and the why, while providing clear instructions on how to fix your online store’s flaws and improve sales performance:

  • - OnTarget™ tracks visitors over multiple visits, allowing you to see how browsing, research, and comparison-shopping does (and does not) lead to sales (learn more)
  • - OnTarget™ buckets visitors by keyword intent and then tracks their movements through your website, so you can see where you are and are not building persuasive momentum (learn more)
  • - OnTarget™ allows you to isolate customer usage patterns indicating frustrations, un-answered questions, and lack of confidence, all of which can cause an otherwise motivated prospect to buy click over to your competitor’s website (learn more)
  • - OnTarget™ generates increasing customer insight, allowing your online store to improve continuously, rather than settling for a one-off scraping of the low-hanging fruit (learn more)

Often, seeing is believing. So here is a short video Introduction to OnTarget™ as well as a more detailed video about how OnTarget™ works.

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