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Can you expect to get these types of results as shown on the right?

Mostly, that depends on you. When you have the resources and the time to plan, you can always expect more and better results. 80% of our clients who executed at least half of their OnTarget™ recommendations achieved their goal. (So why not 100%?).

Few companies have the resources or the time they would prefer to have. So as you browse some of these successes, realize that the bigger wins are a result of greater resources available.

This is why FutureNow developed OnTarget™. OnTarget™ will help you develop a culture of continual improvement that takes into account your resources and helps you maximize your investment for the greatest improvement possible.

If you want a big win, and have the resources you might consider using FutureNow’s professional services.

This is why FutureNow developed the OnTarget™ service. OnTarget will help you develop a culture of continual improvement.

Our Recent Successes

Nobody on the list below has been using OnTarget™ for more than about 6 months, and most have achieved their goal of improving upon their goals by 40-80% by following our recommendations. We target a 3-5% monthly gain in improvement, but often a client gets more.

Compared to the “home-run” successes some of our star case-study clients (mentioned separately), a goal of 3-5% gain per month may sound small — but consider the impact of regularly getting these types of wins month after month, year after year, and at far lower consulting commitment and costs.

Here is an ongoing list of our recent wins that clients will allow us to share. It is maintained and updated bi-weekly.

Recent Successes by OnTarget™ LeadGen Clients

  • -A lead gen client who specializes in self-improvement media increased email sign-up by over 135%
  • -A lead gen client in the travel industry enjoyed a 13% lift to their phone leads and over a 10% boost to their online booking rate
  • -Helped client realize a 108% increase in sign-ups for an e-course.
  • -As a by-product of our conversion recommendations increased organic traffic visits by 19.91%.
  • -Increased visitor registrations by 12.5% by recommending changes to landing pages and the flow of the sign-up form.

Recent Successes by OnTarget™ eCommerce Clients

  • A health supplements retailer lifted their conversion rate over 28%, worth over $6,800/month to the company
  • A print retailer made clearer calls to action on the home page which yielded a 171% gain to their custom order conversion rate, worth $37,000 to the company
  • A retailer that sells home decorative hardware made the most visually minor of home page changes, yet lifted conversion by 7.9%, a net $1,900 gain per month
  • A retailer which specializes in religious publications doubled their conversion rate in just the first two weeks, adding $169,000 to their bottom line.
  • A retailer than helps college students improve their writing was delighted to see their conversion quadruple from 1.15% to 4.63%; that’s about $135,000 to their top line revenue.
  • A retailer in the alternative jewelry space, after only his second implementation of the OnTarget recommendations, increased his conversion rate by 8.3%. The company made over $39,000 more dollars due to these two simple changes in the first month of his $1000 ONTarget subscription.
  • A retail client, suffering from the effects of the poor economy, had witnessed their average order value (AOV) decline. But with our combined efforts, their traffic has gone up, and their conversion rate increased by 8.41%, the resulting gain more than offsetting the drop in AOV
  • A jewelry client did a site redesign based on part of our recommendations and increased their ecommerce conversion rate by over 68%!
  • A retailer increased his conversion rate by 59.3% resulting in a financial impact of more than $70,000 per month
  • Increased client’s overall website conversion rate 10.5%, resulting in $250,000 additional revenue annually.
  • Optimized a checkout page to increase conversion rate by 6.25%, leading to $150,000 additional revenue annually.
  • Increased overall conversion by 27.5% with an A/B test on the product page.
  • Doubled the number of sales with a Shop with Confidence assurance test.
  • Achieved an 8% lift in sales from redesigned product page.
  • Increased overall conversion rate by 51.49% over a 3 month program.
  • Redesigned homepage and category pages to increase overall sales by 6%.
  • Making one change to the flow of a client’s checkout process increased shopping cart conversion by 6.5% leading to an estimated increase of $55,000 monthly revenue.
  • Improved conversion on a client site by 24% simply by changing product page layout.
  • Increased a client’s funnel conversion rate by 24.40%.
  • Increased overall website sales conversion rate from 3% to 7% (a lift of 133%) over a quarter long engagement for an online jewelry retailer.

More Detailed Persuasion Architecture® Successes

Story 1: Converting more visitors from online to offline, with Mattress Liquidators

increase the leads from your website

Mattress Liquidators is a store that has grown beyond expectations. Though the company started in 1993 as a cash-and-carry warehouse store for mattresses, it’s now a full-service sleep center with several thousand square feet of mattresses and beds of all shapes, sizes, and prices. The Mississauga, Ontario, sleep emporium prides itself on customer service, offering expert consultation, competitive prices, free delivery and set-up and a 60-day free trial of any product in the store. He brought in consulting firm FutureNow, Inc. to help him identify what to test and to set up test versions of the Mattress Liquidators landing page and run them through Website Optimizer to see which pages generated the most response. FutureNow, Inc. set up Google Website Optimizer to test a variety of landing pages with the use of Website Optimizer has boosted online leads 5,000%. Read the Google Website Optimizer case study.

Story 2: Driving more offline visitors, with Leo Schachter Diamonds

increase the leads from your website

Leo Schachter Diamonds is among the largest wholesalers of better quality diamonds. The company is well represented from the windows of the most elegant shops on Fifth Avenue to the fashionable boutiques of Rodeo Drive to the jewelers who adorn the highest social circles in London, Paris and Italy. Only within the last few years, however, has Leo Schachter introduced diamonds that bear the company name. This website was built to support one of the leading retail diamond brands and to support its retailers in its first version it had a 0.86% conversion rate, after a complete overhaul using Persuasion Architecture® it now converts over 54.1% of search traffic that visits the new website. Read the MarketingSherpa case study.

Story 3: Increasing ticket sales and quality of visitor experience using Persuasion Architecture® personas

Universal Orlando commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct qualitative and quantitative research about people’s experiences with the new site using Persuasion Architecture®. Those tests, focused on moms, showed the new site was living up to its expectations, beating the old version on 30 out of 40 measures, including likeability.

Online ticket purchases, a key metric for the resort, are up almost 80 percent year to date. Read the case study in ClickZ News.

Story 4: Increasing top line sales with a conversion assessment

increase the leads from your website is one of the Internet Retailers top retailers. They came to us for a conversion assessment but made one change based on one of our recommendations and it had a significant impact to the bottom line.

“I asked Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg to do a study of our web site and give us his results within 6 weeks. Within 8 hours they called to say they had found something we had to fix immediately, a hole through which we were losing 5% of our traffic. We fixed it that night and saw an immediate 5% lift in our sales. I have spent five and a half years in this game: The Eisenbergs are #1 in this game, and there is no #2.”

-Patrick Byrne CEO,

Story 5: Decreasing Shopping Cart Abandonment

CafePress empowers individuals, organizations and businesses to create, buy and sell customized merchandise online using the company’s unique print-on-demand and ecommerce services. They came to us to help them improve their shopping cart abandonment and find a web analytics vendor. We helped them reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate from an already low 35% to just 15%. Read the MarketingSherpa case study.

Story 6: Turning more visitors into leads

BuyTelco is a leading online re-seller of broadband services. Their website sets new records month after month and has done so for over a year. They report a 60% increase in their order pipeline, a 419% increase in conversion and a 13% increase in gross margin and sales up over 100%. Read the story in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Volvo is one of the world’s largest producers of trucks, buses and construction equipment and holds a leading position in the fields of marine and industrial power systems and aircraft engine components. As a training and trusted advisor client we have already helped them improve their web analytics reporting and increased their conversion rate by over 700%. Read the case study on

Story 8: Driving more resume completions

Allegis Group’s Thingamajob site, a $3 billion staffing firm (one of the world’s largest), came to us with the objective of increasing conversion rates from visitor to resume submission by 20% in one year. Our initial remedial steps resulted in an increase over 80% in three months. After they launched version 2.0 of their site using Persuasion Architecture® to a site redesign their conversion rate went up 265%.

Story 9: Increasing customer conversion rate, in 1999 a struggling dot com retailer of magazine subscriptions, is now a successful B2B and B2C marketer. When they engaged us their conversion rate was 1.21% and in the first year it went to a conversion rate of 4.93%.

Story 10: Providing a framework to accelerate conversion rate optimization

Internet Order, this startup engaged us to consult on their customer acquisition campaign shortly after having launched their site with a 0.25% sales conversion rate. Their recent campaigns converts traffic between 4% and 8%, and they are averaging just under 5% (an increase of over 1500%)  now, making them profitable. Read the story in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Story 11: Driving more leads

increase the leads from your websiteMax-Effect,a medium sized firm specializing in custom Yellow Page ad design, came to us when their site was only delivering an average 6 leads a month. They now enjoy an average of 37 a month; an over 600% increase in conversion. Read the case study on MarketingProfs.

Story 12: Increasing online sales

Xgaming / X3Labs sites is a relatively new gaming equipment manufacturer and distributor. Since working with us they have experienced a 448% increase in sales in first half of 2003 Vs 2002 with only a 200% increase in site traffic.

Story 13: Delivering profitable leads

Hancock & Hancock, a personal injury law firm, was looking to improveits online presence. Within 90 days of completing a redesigned site Michael Hancock reported that the site already produced better than a 300% return on investment.

Story 14: Training a whole staff on conversion rate optimization

LowerMyBills, a multimillion dollar B2C company offering consumers alternatives to offer savings on services, engaged us to work on one of their channels, and subsequently brought us in to train the entire company on conversion rate marketing.

Story 15: Converting more visitors in to sales

The Perth Mint, an Australian government precious metal mint and marketing company, originally approached us to assess their current conversion process, they subsequently engaged us to assess their email campaigns and assist them in redesigning their site. The results, while not made public, allowed their key decision maker to start his own consulting company with The Perth Mint as his first client.

“Shifting the Membership/Newsletter signup to the top right hand corner in the shop has made a huge difference. Also, the way we’ve done it, with benefits on both sides, seems to have increased successful sign up rates as well.”

-Mark Garner, The Perth Mint

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