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Better leads — and more of them — with OnTarget™ software

The more leads you can provide that are already qualified and persuaded to buy — or close to it — the faster your sales team can close deals. That means more revenue, more quickly.

So the question is this: In relation to all your visitors that truly could be leads, how many are becoming leads?

And how well positioned are you and your sales team in the minds of these incoming leads? Do they already have a bias toward doing business with you?

If you want to convert more visitors and convert them into positively prejudiced leads, OnTarget™ can help you do that.

OnTarget™ uncovers what keeps your visitors from becoming high-quality leads

OnTarget™ goes beyond just showing you how many of your visitors aren’t converting by continually uncovering the reasons why those visitors are losing confidence before becoming quality leads as well as how to take action and start making those (previously) lost sales. Here’s how:

  • - OnTarget™ allows you to track individual visitors — even over multiple visits (learn more)
  • - OnTarget™ automatically nurtures and persuades early stage and less-qualified leads (learn more)
  • - OnTarget™ automatically qualifies visitors for your sales team (learn more)
  • - OnTarget™ provides end-to-end visibility into your entire campaigning and sales system — from prospecting to close (learn more)

With OnTarget™ you’ll receive actionable directions on what to fix and how to fix it. And as the broken parts and leaks in your online sales process get fixed, more leads will flow through your pipeline.

Often, seeing is believing. So here is a short video Introduction to OnTarget™ as well as a more detailed video about how OnTarget™ works.


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