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A Customer Roadmap — What is Persuasion Architecture®

Persuasion Architecture® is a system for improving your marketing continually.

Persuasion Scenario MapWhat Persuasion Architecture® offers you:

  • Accountability based on scientific measure, using metrics and analytics constructed around a proven methodology
  • Improved ability to manage the complexity of multi-channel interactive marketing
  • Customer-centered content planning
  • Proven results and improved ROI
  • Message consistency across marketing channels
  • More effective use of Web Analytics and other interactive marketing tools

What is Persuasion Architecture®?

Persuasion Architecture® is an established process that marketers follow to plan customer roadmaps. Persuasion Architecture® roadmaps anticipate and account for how customers behave as they buy your product or service.

These roadmaps provide practical plans for creating more persuasive websites, marketing, and even sales collateral for both online and offline use.

From a accountability prospective, these roadmaps are predictive models of customer behaviors that can be tested and optimized more effectively and efficiently than run of the mill marketing efforts, helping the marketer more quickly identify and act upon metrics for higher impact results and greater measurable ROI.

The Persuasion Architecture® Advantage

Too many marketers put all their marketing eggs in one or two few baskets.

Instead of optimizing one traffic source or one opportunity, Persuasion Architecture® provides a roadmap to increase conversion across multiple campaigns by persuading customers with different buying preferences and at different stages of the buying process. The result is an improved marketing system vs. a single isolated marketing campaign.

A planned system can be better optimized and improved, and FutureNow can give you a leg up on the competitors.

More About The Persuasion Architecture® Process

A full Persuasion Architecture® engagement begins with research. The research provides deep insight into company goals and KPIs and as well as customer behavior in all stages of the buying process. From this research, Personas are created and your marketing interactions with these personas are meticulously planned on a click by click basis to ensure that that you are persuading them at every point in their buying process.

Your successful customer communications will not happen by accident.

FutureNow offers consulting services to guide you through the Persuasion Architecture® process.

Sound Principles and Proven Results

Persuasion Architecture® is not new technology. It is patent pending process. The process itself leverages human behavior research as well as established selling and marketing principles. When companies engage in this process they are equipped to better plan and execute marketing strategies. By design, the process is accountable to marketing goals.

Hundreds of clients are profiting from Persuasion Architecture®. Will you be next?

Learn more about FutureNow, the inventors of the Persuasion Architecture® process.

A Dash of Persuasion Architecture®

While a full Persuasion Architecture® engagement may be out of reach for some budgets, OnTarget is based on Persuasion Architecture® principles. You can start small by testing campaigns using Persuasion Architecture or you can have your site evaluated for its ability to persuade your personas. It depends entirely on your preference.

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