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800 Ton Hot Forging Open Die Hydraulic Press Machine , Metal Press Machine

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Brand Name: Jinqiu
Model Number: YTD13-8--
Certification: CE and CQC
Place of Origin: China-Wuxi Jinqiu Machinery Co.,ltd
MOQ: 1 set
Price: USD or RMB
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 150 pcs per month
Delivery Time: 55-60 days
Packaging Details: metal steel frame
nominal pressure: 800 ton
machine structure: three beam four column upper pressure type--open die forging
function: billet, rough, drawing, reaming, bending, matching with furnace
technical processure: the workpiece is put in furnace to heat, then put it in this press to form
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    800 Ton Hot Forging Open Die Hydraulic Press Machine , Metal Press Machine

    800 Ton Hot Forging Open Die Hydraulic Press Machine , Metal Press Machine

    A) Product Name:

    YTD13-800 four columns open die forging hydraulic press

    B) Use and characteristics

    1.The open die forging press is mainly used for forging processes of various forgings: billet, rough, drawing, reaming, bending, etc. At the same time, it can also engage in drawing, blanking, bending and correction of other metal sheets..

    2.This machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system, using PLC control technology, touch screen display, button centralized control, and can realize manual and semi-automatic two operating modes..

    3.The working pressure and range of the machine can be adjusted according to the technological requirements..

    C) open die forging press Host structure

    The fuselage is composed of upper beam, slider, worktable, mobile platform, column, locking nut, adjusting nut and so on. The main beam and the work table pass through four columns, and are fixed by locking nuts to form a closed force bearing frame. The main oil cylinder and return cylinder are installed on the horizontal center line of the upper beam, and the plunger rod of the oil cylinder is connected with the slide block, and the driven slide block is driven by the four columns to move up and down. The main oil cylinder is a plunger type structure. The girders are welded by Q235B material, and after welding, the stress relief treatment is carried out. The thickness of materials meets design conditions and standards. A reasonable welding groove and welding method can be used to ensure that the weld is smooth and smooth, and the residual height of the weld is guaranteed, and there are no defects, such as cracks, slag, dense pores, leakage welding and so on.

    3.1 Upper beam

    The upper beam is welded by Q235 high quality steel plate. The carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding is used for welding. After annealing, the stress is eliminated. The upper beam has a main oil cylinder, a return cylinder and four column holes.

    3.2 slider

    The slide block is Q235 high quality steel plate welded structure. The carbon dioxide welding is used for welding. After annealing, the stress is eliminated. The upper plane of the slide block is connected with the main oil cylinder plunger rod by the bolt with the split flange, and the positioning device is processed at the lower plane of the slide block. The specific size is designed by Party B and confirmed by Party A. Four corners are processed with column holes, and guide sleeves are arranged in the holes..

    3.3 Workbench

    The worktable is welded by high quality steel plate Q235. Carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding is used for welding. After annealing, the stress is eliminated. The four corners of the worktable are processed with a column hole, and the upper plane is equipped with a guide plate, and the guide plate material is ductile iron..

    3.4 Pillar

    The vertical column is made of 45 material integral forgings, and the two ends are processed with 45 degrees sawtooth thread. The pillar is close to the worktable with a pillar protection sleeve. The guide material adopts the guide sleeve of the composite material inlaid with cast iron as the inner side of the matrix. Normalization of column, intermediate frequency quenching of guide part, hardness HRC45-52.

    3.5 Nut

    The nut material is 45# forged steel, and the inner hole is machined with 45 degree zigzag thread, matching with the thread on the circular column, locking the fuselage..

    3.6 Cylinder

    3.6.1 the main cylinder of this machine is plunger type cylinder, which is used for pressing. The sealing ring of the cylinder mouth adopts the structure of V type combination ring, which has good sealing effect, long service life, strong adaptability to the axial and radial vibration and the eccentric load of the piston, and can withstand the change of high pressure and pressure, and it is convenient to install and maintain. The cylinder block is made of 35# forged steel parts, and the plunger rods are all 45# forged steel parts. The surface hardened is treated by quenching, and the hardness is HRC45-52..

    3.6.2The return cylinder of this machine is a plunger cylinder, which is mounted on the upper crossbeam and is used for backhaul. The sealing ring of the cylinder mouth adopts the structure of V type combination ring, which has good sealing effect, long service life, strong adaptability to the axial and radial vibration and the eccentric load of the piston, and can withstand the change of high pressure and pressure, and it is convenient to install and maintain. The cylinder block is made of 35# forged steel parts, and the plunger rods are all 45# forged steel parts. The surface hardened is treated by quenching, and the hardness is HRC45-52..

    3.6.3The mobile worktable push-pull cylinder is a double rod piston oil cylinder, which has the function of pushing and pulling double functions. The mobile worktable moves smoothly and works reliably. The cylinder material is 35# steel, the piston rod material is 45# forged steel parts, the surface hardened HRC42-52, the cylindrical grinding process, and one end of the plunger rod is connected with the movable worktable..

    3.7 Mobile worktable

    A movable table is equipped on the base of the machine, which is made of integral steel casting and has strong bearing capacity. In order to prevent deviation from dislocation, the mobile station adopts the same U structure on the ground, which is consistent with the convex structure on the worktable, and can effectively prevent movement deviation. The shift table is installed on the worktable to move and push the cylinder back and forth, so as to quickly replace the moulds on the pressing station and improve the work efficiency. Work can be carried out to suppress multiple (rough, punching, etc.). The wear-resistant ductile iron under the sliding platform of the mobile workbench is made. The friction guide plate on the mobile bracket adopts the high hardness steel guide rail surface to improve the wear resistance. The cover and carriage of the mobile station should be matched by the user according to the field size..

    D) Liquid control system

    1. cartridge valve group is produced by a well-known domestic professional manufacturer. The valve has compact structure, sensitive action, large flow rate, small flow resistance, reliable performance and easy maintenance..

    2.The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press is cooled by the plate type water cooler to ensure the reliable operation of the valve. It is convenient to clean and change oil by system cleaning. The oil valve is provided at the low point of the pipe. Quick release of oil in pipeline for easy maintenance.

    3.The system pressure relief adopts multistage pressure relief mode to make the slide up and down run smoothly and without impact..

    4.The hydraulic impact vibration of the forging hydraulic press is relatively large. Therefore, all joints on the pipe of the hydraulic system are connected with the special flange of the axial seal. The seal of the large pipe diameter flange seal is sealed with the copper seal ring, and the shock proof pipe card is added according to the requirements, and the pipe is rationally distributed according to its technical characteristics to reduce the energy loss and leakage.

    5.The pilot solenoid valve adopts German Rexroth joint venture solenoid valve, and the key ball valve is selected from original Rexroth company products to ensure stable and reliable operation. The motor units of the oil pump are all horizontal. The whole device is arranged in an orderly, compact and orderly manner. Oil tank with oil level indicator.

    6. The main electric pump is 4 groups, in order to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance, the oil pump is divided into two groups, can be used alone and can be all used without influence, motor power 110KW, grade 4, model Y315S-4. The imported oil Rexroth pump is used in the oil pump, and the ball valve is installed at the suction port of the pump. When the pump is overhauled, the oil pump can be removed by shutting down the valve without stopping operation. The liquid filling valve is usually closed and pre vent type valve. The main cylinder pressure relief loop of the hydraulic control system adopts a three stage pressure relief control loop to meet the requirement of improving the main cylinder quick pressure relief ability, reducing the pressure relief impact and noise..

    7.The pressure control adopts the imported pressure sensor to control the pressure point and display the pressure on the touch screen. User-friendly operation.

    8.The auxiliary pump motor group 1 consists of a 63YCY14-1B pressure compensated axial piston pump and a Y180L-4-B5 motor. The auxiliary oil pump motor group is installed vertically on the fuel tank to control the opening of the liquid filling valve and the operation of the tooling..

    9.The cooling filter oil pump motor group consists of gear pump and motor. The cooling filter oil pump motor set is vertically mounted on the tank and used for oil filtration and cooling. The cooler adopts plate type water cooling (self provided by circulating water user).

    10.Y46 hydraulic oil is recommended for working hydraulic fluids..

    11The steel pipe and elbow of high pressure pipeline are made of 20 or more high grade seamless steel pipe, which conforms to GB9948 (the specific material grade is based on the pressure grade by the manufacturer). Except for the connection of elbow and steel pipe, the connection between steel pipes is connected by flanges.

    E) electrical system

    1. the power supply adopts three phase and five wire system, the three-phase AC power supply voltage is 380V, 50Hz; the control circuit is AC 220V; the indicator lamp voltage is 6.3V; there is a special electric control cabinet, a main control cabinet, and the power appliance components are installed in the electric control cabinet, such as power switch, air switch, AC contactor, control transformer. In the electric control cabinet, the lighting and ventilation facilities are set in the electric control cabinet, and the electrical components such as the circuit breakers are used in Schneider's products. The power cable and the control cable are all excellent products of the famous manufacturer's national standard. The main switchgear of the workshop is supplied by the demand side, the cable from the demand workshop to the control cabinet is provided by the buyer, and the cable from the control cabinet to the power system is provided by the equipment manufacturer..

    2.The main control system uses PLC programmable controller and man-machine interface control technology. All kinds of buttons and operating handlesare installed on the main control cabinet. The main control cabinet prevents the floor of the workshop next to the hydraulic machine. It is easy to manipulate and observe..

    3.The slide stroke control is controlled by imported rotary encoder..

    4.The main power supply can be divided into two groups, which can be controlled by one group or two groups at the same time..

    5.Electric cabinet is equipped with leakage protection, ventilation measures, electric control box and control table with quick stop switch; electrical system has complete line protection function; motor start up with step-down start, starting current is small, other implementation of GB/T5226.1 machine tool electrical standard.

    F)General matters:

    1. power:

    Voltage: 220V / 380V + 10%

    Distribution mode: 3 phase 5 line

    Frequency: 50Hz

    2. environmental conditions:

    Ambient temperature: 0~45 C;

    Relative humidity: less than 95%

    3.Buyer affairs item:

    Auxiliary piping and construction outside the press

    Electric wire and construction outside the press

    Cleaning fluid for hydraulic pipe

    Lubricating oil and grease

    Hydraulic oil for press

    According to the construction of the foundation map (geological report before construction), only the foundation bolts are provided..

    G. open die forging press Main technical specifications:

    1. type: three beam four column upper pressure type.

    2. nominal pressure: 800T

    3. return force: 100T

    4. worktable mobility: 50T

    5. normal working medium pressure: 25MPa (max 31.5MPa)

    6. the maximum stroke of the movable beam: 1100mm

    7. the largest opening: 2000mm

    8. mobile working table size: 3500 x 1000mm

    9. mobile workstation mobile maximum stroke: left 1500mm, right 1500mm

    10. maximum speed of mobile station: 250 mm/s

    11. allowable maximum forged eccentricity: 80mm

    12. active beam drop speed: 300mm/s

    13. maximum pressure speed: 30-50mm/s

    14. maximum return speed: 300mm/s

    16. main oil cylinder bore / rod diameter: Phi 640mm, plunger type structure

    16. return hole cylinder bore / rod diameter: 160mm, plunger type, 2.

    17. mobile worktable push pull cylinder bore / rod diameter 200mm/ 120mm, double exit structure

    18. column center distance: 1600mmX1200mm

    19. column diameter: [Phi] 280mm

    20. main motor power: 110X4=440kW

    21. working medium: YB-N46# anti-wear hydraulic oil

    H. Technical specification and precision of machine reference

    1. implementation:

    JB/T3818-1999 "technical conditions for hydraulic press"

    GB3915-1885 "safety technical conditions for hydraulic press"

    JB9967-1999 "noise limit of hydraulic press"

    JB/T8609-1997 "Technical Specifications for Welding Parts of Forging and Pressing Machinery"

    GB/T5226.1-1996 General Technical Conditions for Industrial Machinery and Electrical Equipment

    2. Hydraulic Press Accuracy According to GB9166-88 "Accuracy of Four-column Hydraulic Press".

    I.The safety measures of the open die forging press:

    1. the technical conditions for the safety protection of this machine meet the mandatory standards of China GB / T5226.1-1996 and the relevant national standards. When the safety standards conflict with other standards of the technical specification, the safety standards have priority.

    2. the hydraulic system of this machine has protection function, and the safety valve of the main cylinder is equipped with safety relief valve.

    3. the noise of the equipment is in accordance with the JB9967-1999 standard.

    4. the electrical system has reliable grounding and motor overload, short circuit protection and other functions.

    5. there are safety platforms, fences and escalators on the top of the equipment, which are convenient for maintenance personnel.


    J. open die forging press Technical data and drawings

    1. provide detailed machine tool foundation map and construction requirements within two months after signing the contract. After the drawings are completed, they must be jointly confirmed before they can be put into production.

    2. the supplier provides a set of instructions for use of the machine (operation manual, structural schematic diagram, foundation map, etc.).

    3. suppliers provide the assembly drawings, oil cylinder assembly drawings, slide block view, moving worktable overlook, electrical and hydraulic schematic, PLC ladder diagram, vulnerable parts and so on.

    4. packing list.

    5. certificate of qualification (including factory precision table).

    K.Spare parts and special tools::

    NOName of spare partsNumber of spare partsRemarks
    1Special handleOne setFuselage
    2Anchor boltOne setFuselage, power system
    3System O seal ringOne setTwo years' dosage
    4Ring head screwOne setLifting

    L.Main component configuration of press:

    1Motor for main pumpJiangsu
    24 main oil pumpsRexrothGermany
    3Cartridge valve groupJining Taifeng
    4Pilot solenoid valveRexrothGermany
    5Key ball valveRexrothGermany
    6Liquid filling valveNantong, Jiangsu
    7Main cylinder sealUniversity of Guangzhou
    8PLC, A/D, D/ASiemens?Germany
    9Screen screenSiemens?Germany
    10Close switchKorean made
    11EncoderShanghai Cen
    12Pressure gaugeWuxi, Jiangsu
    13Cooler deviceJiangsu
    14Lubricating deviceNanjing
    15Oil filterJiangsu
    16Main electrical componentsSchneider
    17Master switchSchneider

    M.Installation, acceptance and acceptance criteria

    1. We are responsible for directing the installation, commissioning and delivery of the lifting equipment provided by the buyer. The maximum weight of the workpiece is 20 tons. Users need to organize appropriate lifting tools and personnel to assist. Installation method: According to the supplier's foundation map and the method described in the instructions for installation.

    2. Installation and debugging time is about 40 working days (in the user factory).

    Acceptance of Machine Tools: Acceptance of Equipment Accuracy and Performance Tests in accordance with National Standards, Ministry Standards and Technical Agreements Signed.

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