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Whitepapers To Help You Improve Your Online Marketing

Over the years the staff at FutureNow and its partners have created guides to help you improve the return you receive from your marketing efforts. These whitepapers cover topics ranging from simple how-to’s and tips to in-depth analysis of interactive marketing trends and techniques. We are constantly adding new whitepapers so check back often

The LEADing Edge: Increasing Qualified Leads Online
Current research indicates decision-makers turn to a lead-generation site as a source of information 51 percent of the time; this is over twice as often as they turn to television, radio, magazines and newspapers for the same information. This whitepaper will provide with a leading edge and provide you with an overview of why careful attention to this piece of the marketing-sales mix can make a huge difference.

Grabbing Market Share: Marketing in a Recession
Recession is an opportunity to gain market share. Make your marketing budget work smarter to deliver more sales, instead of simply working harder.

A/B Testing: Too Little too Early?
John Quarto-vonTivadar takes on the buzzwords around A/B testing and provides valuable insight into how split testing should work.

10 Tips to Start Optimizing your Site
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your site won’t be optimized that fast either.  But that’s no reason to sit idle – the sooner you get started with our 10 Tips, the sooner you’ll start to enjoy increased ROI.

Persuasion Architecture®: A Strategy to MAP the Selling Process to the Buying Process
Instead of focusing on beating the industry’s unimpressive 2% conversion rate, why not explore why your site drives 98% of your visitors away?  This white paper overviews Persuasion Architecture®, a system to map your online selling process to your audience’s buying process.

The Guide to Web Analytics: How to Understand and Use Your Web Trends to Maximize Results
We all agree that web analytics are key to increasing profits online, but finding and interpreting the right metrics isn’t easy.  Our Guide helps you isolate Key Performance Indicators and use them to make profitable adjustments to your website and marketing.

2003/2004 Online Retail Study for Customer Focused Excellence
FutureNow conducted a study of hundreds of leading online retail sites, analyzing the availability of 69 factors that show a focus on good customer experience.  The results prove that there’s much to learn, and lots of money being left on the table.

10 Minute Guide to Testing with Google Website Optimizer
Google changed the website optimization game by offering a free testing platform that’s actually easy to set up and use.  FutureNow, a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant, takes you through the basics of getting simple tests up and running, and the all-important “what to test?”

Increasing Conversion 1 Step at a Time
An in-depth look at how to systematically increase your website’s conversion rate.  Online shoppers are still people, looking to be sold in a “human” way, and this white paper shows how to appeal to emotions online.

We also have several guides and ebooks available for purchase through our store.

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